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Cursed is the twenty-first episode of the fourth season, and the eighty-third overall episode, of the CBS series, Ghost Whisperer, originally premiering on May 1, 2009. The episode was written by Laurie McCarthy and directed by Kim Moses, and recieved a total of 9.78 million viewers.

A haunted doll house may endanger a family who believes voodoo is keeping them safe, and Melinda searches for her missing wedding rings. Melinda discovers that the spirits trapped in a dollhouse have other plans.

Guest StarringEdit

  • Jaclyn DeSantis as Zoe
  • Bellamy Young as Lucy Stanton
  • Michelle Paige as Emma Silber
  • Darcy Rose Byrnes as Drew Stanton
  • Kenneth Mitchell as Sam Lucas
  • Mary Chris Wall as Mother Ghost
  • J.C. MacKenzie as Father Ghost
  • Eyad Kurd-Misto as Boy Ghost
  • Puja Mohindra as Waitress

Plot SynopsisEdit


  • Mother Ghost
  • Father Ghost
  • Boy Ghost


  • Camryn Manheim (Delia) and J.C. Mackenzie (Jeffrey) also worked together in the 2000 movie What Planet Are You From, and, in a few season 2 episodes of The Practice.



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