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·  Disc One:

  • Birthday Presence

  • See No Evil

  • Till Death Do Us Start

  • Do Over

·  Disc Two:

  • Cause for Alarm

  • Head Over Heels

  • Devil's Bargain

  • Dead Listing

·  Disc Three:

  • Lost in the Shadows

  • Excessive Force

  • Dead Air

  • Blessings in Disguise

·  Disc Four:

  • Living Nightmare

  • Dead to Me

  • Implosion

  • Old Sins Cast Long Shadows

  • Bonus Features:

  • Celebrating 100

  • A Triple Threat

·  Disc Five:

  • On Thin Ice

  • Dead Eye

  • Lethal Combination

  • Blood Money

·'  Disc Six:

  • Dead Ringer

  • The Children's Parade

  • Bonus Features:

    • A Season of Changes

    • The Other Side IV Webseries

    • Ghost Town

    • Ghosts of Rockland Memorial

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